Tyson Palacios


 Tyson Palacios is a Master Trainer and Co-Owner of TAP Athletics, with his many years as a competitive athlete at the 4 year collegiate and professional level for football, numerous certifications, and his B.S. Exercise Science from Hastings College brings a unparalleled atmosphere and training experience for adults and youth alike at TAP Athletics.
Tyson’s passionate, infectious and positive attitude is fueled by his eagerness to help others and give back to his hometown, their athletes and athletic programs. Forever a student of sports performance and fitness Tyson impacts the lives of his clients and athletes through his personal experience and cutting edge training techniques that are both safe and effective.
With a burning desire and passion to help others Tyson has impacted the lives of over 400 athletes of all levels and countless other personal clients of all abilities in the greater Tracy area. He has vastly improved the performance of both his clients and athletes by implementing his charisma, passion, knowledge, education and self-experience in a unique way that helps set TAP Athletics apart from many other programs.