Tyler Palacios, a former Division 1 football player raised in Tracy, Ca. With over 15 years of personal experience in the gym and the field, he knew that eventually one day, he wanted to help athletes like himself.
Tyler, played basketball, baseball, football, and also wrestling throughout his high school athletic career. After high school, Tyler went off to play football and continue his education at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, a small NAIA, where he received a partial scholarship to play football. Tyler eventually came back to play at MJC with aspirations of playing Division 1 football, at San Jose State. After winning the division title at MJC, Tyler went off to SJSU to continue his athletic and academic career. Although football did not play out the way he had always envisioned, due to time-clock eligibility, Tyler was not done with sports. “You can take the athletes out of the game but, you can’t take the game out of the athlete”. Tyler still had the passion and focus to continuing playing but, did not know what to do with it. So, instead, he reverted back to what he knew best, what has always been a part of his life, sports and the gym. Now, instead of training for himself, he now uses that same athlete mentality to help coach other athletes and help them reach the next level of competitive athletics.
His goal as a sports performance coach is to be able to provide his athletes with the not only the physical tools to play at a high level, but also, the guidance to become a smart & successful, elite-athlete.