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Here at TAP Athletics, we believe that inside each one of us we have that inner athlete begging to be released.

To look like an athlete you must train like an athlete and here at TAP Athletics we personalize and individualize each training program based on the client's needs and wants to help them reach their fitness goals.

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What can I say about this woman she came to me with shoulder injuries and lacking confidence in doing anything with her upper body. It has now been about a month since we started and she is absolutely killing it! No more shoulder pain, confidence in her upper body exercises is through the roof and she has been setting PRs in all of her Olympic Lifts on a weekly basis!

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Teamwork makes the dream work! This is a family effort. Part of being a trainer is being able to help people and want them to know that you’re not in it by yourself! We’re here for you every step of the way (literally & figuratively) Practice what you preach!


Nothing is given to you in this world, if you want it bad enough you got to go get it


Our mother and one of our biggest inspirations besides our father, putting in that work regardless of being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer! A body in motion is a live body! Our mother is the definition of inspiration and a never give up attitude! We love you and keep grinding mom!


When someone tells you can't do something, look them in the eye and smile. Cancer and all, yet she still refuses to let that define who she is! No circumstance defines who you are, but how you choose to react to those circumstances, does!

Free Speed Evaluations (all ages)

The TAP Athletics Free Speed Evaluation is chance for incoming athletes to test their speed, agility and strength through a combine-style assessment. Tests include 10 & 20 yard Dash, 5-10-5 shuttle run, L-Drill, Broad Jump, vertical jump and chin-up test. the evaluation also serves as an evaluation tool to properly place each athlete in the program that bests suits their athletic ability.

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