About Us



At TAP Athletics, we have a true infatuation with bettering human movement and improving sports performance to all that we come in contact with. Our constant desire to finding the best and newest training techniques constantly puts all that walk through our doors in a position to reach their full athletic and fitness potential. All of our training programs and methods are all based on over 20 years of personal experience and scientific data that is proven to TAP into the potenial and create top tier athletes. Our MISSION is to provide a training atmosphere the builds athlete's self-confidence and increased athletic ability through proper movment and sports performance.


TAP Athletics provides year-round training programs for youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes as well as team organizations and anybody else that is looking to reach their athletic potential and rise above the competition.

Mission Statement

To provide a training atmosphere that builds athlete’s self-confidence and athletic ability through proper movement and sports performance.

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